DEJORIS - professional online shift planning!

DEJORIS - the easiest way to plan shifts fast and efficiently - for both PC or smartphone use. With DEJORIS you keep track of your shiftplanning at any time and any place.


Customers appreciate in DEJORIS.

  • Employee- and shift-oriented shiftplanning
  • Flexible planning via the internet and on mobile terminals
  • Modular extensibility
  • Professional personnell requirements planning
  • Demand-oriented use for part-time-planning and seasonal business

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Special functions, professional modules or iPhone-app - DEJORIS offers numerous features to assist you in organizing your shift planning as easily and efficiently as possible.

Plan your shifts from any place at any time - DEJORIS iPhone app..

The DEJORIS iPhone app is especially designed for employee-use. It allows its users to comfortably manage their available working hours from wherever they are. The app provides an optimal overview of the current working shifts.

  • available working hours can be entered quickly
  • optimal overview of the current working shifts is provided
  • many ways of communicating, push-function
  • all confirmed shifts are summed up as working time
  • scheduling conflicts are shown
  • date transfer to the iPhone calendar possible
  • display of location and timestamp
DEJORIS iPhone-App

On the Safe Side with DEJORIS - Technology and Security.

The protection and safety of your data has top priority with us. To provide this safety for you we made considerable effort for a safe and enjoyable visit to our website.
Data Safety.
Technical Security.
Legal Safety.
  • strict protection of personal data
  • password protected access
  • encoded data transfer

  • hosting located in german data centers
  • own property highly secure private-cloud environment
  • highly scalable system
  • legal safety provided by special data security officer
  • fulfilment of the currently valid legal privacy policy

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